Next Steps toward Better Health for Proctor Creek Neighborhoods

Updated: Apr 7

We know that there are environmental health challenges in the Vine City and English Avenue neighborhoods near Proctor Creek. So what can we do about them together?

Jan Healthy Homes meeting

How do we remediate the houses while the people still stay in them? We need to understand the technologies that will allow us to do this. Makeda Johnson, Community Resident •   lifestyle change and best practices in community education, •   home repairs and pest control, •   services and support for people with asthma, •   support and process for smart relocation, •   reducing flooding, •   public policy for healthy homes.

For each of these challenges, community members reflected together to identify:

healthy homes youth
  1. What were the existing resources that were already available?

  2. What potential resource might be made available?

  3. What are the gaps or threats that might hinder our ability to access those resources?

  4. What are the next steps we should taking in moving forward?

Through this process, community participants identified a number of next steps toward “Healthy Homes” in each of the six areas of challenge. The greatest number were generated around the topic of reducing flooding where the identified next steps included:

healthy homes group3

You can watch the highlights of the session in the video below.  A table that summarizes all of the next steps can be downloaded here.

The group plans to meet in April to prioritize these next steps. Please contact Dr. Yomi if you’d like additional information about the Collaborative Health Survey findings or to be notified about future Healthy Homes strategy sessions.

Thanks to Kelly Brown for the photographs and video.

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