Updated: Apr 7

An Entry in the Imagine a Day without Water Contest, April 2021.

By: Kiamani Robey

She climbed down the last two steps,

one foot in front of the other,

step, step, step.

Her eyes were full of expectation.

As her sight floated beyond the bend.

she toppled over socks, shoes,

and last thought about throws,

only with one thought in mind.

Her hand glided to the stool,

beautifully like a dancing swan.

She stood proudly with a sparkle

in her eye and sweat on her brow.

She turned the handle,

only to receive one small, drop

that slowly cascaded,

landing on the bottom of her cup.

She put her head down and cried,

Like a two-year-old should,

One drop at a time.

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