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Updated: Apr 7

No one organization can effectively address a large and complex environmental problem alone. A multifaceted environmental problem may take years to totally resolve and may engage hundreds of people, a number of government agencies and multiple non profit stakeholders.

One of ECO-Action’s core strategies has been to assemble and coordinate efforts of communities and partner organizations to work as coalitions to address environmental threats though engaging in campaigns. Through sustaining and protecting power that has been gained as a result a single issue-specific community action, campaigns achieve long-term changes.


• South Atlanta for the Environment (SAFE) is the ongoing Atlanta campaign that has partnered with the national Safe Chemical and Healthy Families initiative.  Read more about SAFE here

Safe Chemicals, Healthy Families ECO-Action is the Georgia liaison with this national campaign to reduce toxic exposures through the use of safer chemicals.

RESOURCE LINKS:BE SAFE: A national campaign of the Center for Health, Environment and Justice, BE SAFE promotes precautionary action to protect human health and prevent pollution. The precautionary approach shifts the questions we ask about environmental hazards from “what level of harm is acceptable?” to “how can we prevent harm?” BE SAFE works with hundreds of groups across the country to build a national precautionary movement through advocacy, educational events, organizing and technical support to groups working on local and state precautionary policies, and distributing cutting-edge resources, publications and model precautionary policies. • Louisville Charter for Safer Chemicals In May 2004, Louisville hosted a meeting of a network of groups and individuals whose common goal is to work together on chemical policies and campaigns to protect human health and the environment from exposures to unnecessary harmful chemicals. Participants named the Charter after this city to honor it and all the communities across the country and around the world committed to ending toxic chemical contamination.

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