A Day Without Water

Updated: Apr 7

By Kenyatta Jelks, Jr., 6th Grade, Genesis Innovation Academy

A day without water can be devastating. People use water every day for washing clothes and dishes. Water is the reason that earth can support life. Water keeps us hydrated. Most people will not be able to survive a day without water. This is because water keeps your energy level up. When people are dehydrated their energy goes down.

In my opinion, if I had no water for one day, I probably wouldn’t have been able to survive unless I had other drinks and food. A day without water can also be bad because we won’t be able to bathe, cook, brush our teeth, or wash our hands. We need to wash our hands so that we don’t have germs on them after we use the bathroom or after we come from outside. Today, if we didn’t have water we can also get sick because we are in a pandemic. When we are touching things that other people have touched, they have germs on them. It can be a disaster at school without water. This is because different people play at recess or play board games and touch different items or objects. Without water, the kids at school can’t wash their hands so they might get infected with germs. We need to wash our hands to exterminate those germs. Many people are being are being infected with COVID-19, and we want to protect ourselves from getting sick.

Not only do we need water, but we need safe water to drink and use. People that don’t have safe water can get sick if it’s contaminated. This isn’t fair. For example, in the article, “The Water Crisis in Flint Michigan”, the author talked about saving the water by getting a new water supply. This was needed so that water wouldn’t be contaminated anymore with lead and bacteria. Lead can prevent children from learning well. Families also had to pay for contaminated water which wasn’t fair or right. Every family needs safe water. Every community needs fair treatment which is called environmental justice. Environmental justice is having the right to a clean and healthy environment which includes having clean water. It shouldn’t matter about the race, color, culture, or religion of the people. It also shouldn’t matter if they are rich or poor. Everybody should have the amount of clean water that they need to survive.

I say all of this to say that water is a common liquid that we use in our every day lives. If we didn’t haven’t water only a small percent of the world could survive. Our community needs to do what we can to make our environment better. The City of Atlanta and the United States government need to do their part too. They can make sure we have a big enough water supply and make sure that everyone gets clean water. We all need to conserve water so that we have enough and none will go to waste. We can also take water samples and test the water to make sure it’s not polluted. If it is polluted, we have to fight for clean water in our community. A day without water is technically impossible if we all want to live.

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