Provide organizing and technical assistance so that Georgia low-income communities and communities of color can empower themselves to eliminate air, land, and water pollution. 


Our vision is a Georgia where communities enjoy clean and safe air, water, land and energy, and have the power to impact decisions affecting their lives. This vision embody the following: 

  • Preserve, restore, and protect the environment 

  • Heed early warning signs and act 

  • Seek solutions that are environmentally friendly, resilient, sustainable, and equitable to protect human health and the environment 


ECO-Action serves the general population of Georgia, but our work focuses on serving vulnerable and low income communities, and communities of color. 


Founded in 1989, ECO-Action’s mission and vision was clear, to establish an organization focused on environmental threats that affect the health, well-being and quality of life for low income communities and communities of color. Thirty years later, ECO-Action is still devoting time, resources and energy educating individuals and communities throughout Georgia to have a voice, to make a difference, toidentify and be “the change they wish to see in the world.” 



ECO-Action exists to promote a safe and healthy environment by helping Georgia communities organize to address environmental health hazards and pollution. ECO-Action serves the general population, but we focus on vulnerable, low-income communities and communities of color. Our objective is to empower communities to become resilient - better able to respond to environmental threats such as global warming and move forward to improve their environmental, social and economic health and wellbeing.  ECO-Action believes that all communities have the right to clean air, water land and energy, to know about and take action against environmental hazards, and to fully participate in the decisions that affect their lives.


ECO-Action’s work is based on the intersection of three issues: threats to human health, environmental degradation and social injustice. Since its inception in 1989, ECO-Action has provided research, technical, organizing, and leadership development assistance and training to more than 140 community-based groups in 95 of Georgia’s 159 counties. A key aspect of our work is training high school and college students to become leaders in their communities on environmental and sustainability issues. 


Our work encompasses a wide array of issues including global warming, green infrastructure, storm water management, watershed protection, air and water pollution, hazardous waste site remediation, promotion of safer chemical alternatives, and stricter regulation of toxic substances and enforcement of environmental laws. ECO-Action is active promoting affordable energy efficiency and renewable energy strategies that address the needs of low income communities and communities of color with the highest “energy burden” (i.e., communities whose residents pay the highest proportion of their household income on energy bills). ECO-Action continues to focus on key environmental issues impacting Georgia such as global warming, air and water pollution, stormwater runoff, lax environmental regulation and enforcement, and energy.